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The idea to launch a for women/by women podcast came to friends Donna Hughes and Stacie Benes after attending a financial executives networking event. They burst into the event full of enthusiasm and interest in meeting new friends and possibly clients only to be met with blank stares and little interest. Donna and Stacie circulated the country club ballroom; each with a hand extended to “meet and greet”, the evening fell flat with a thud. The primarily male crowd didn’t want to leave their groups to meet two of the very few women at the event. After a couple of trips around the ballroom with little success, Stacie turned to Donna and said, “The heck with this. Let’s get a drink and sit down! We’re way more interesting than this crowd!”


Donna quickly agreed.


As we sat at the table, wine glasses in hand the idea of “Woman Most Likely To” was born that fateful evening. Donna and Stacie knew they were interesting people, they were successful in business,  and they could be a source of referrals and contacts to the men in the room. They had stories to tell, information to share! However, you wouldn’t know it from that particular evening. Donna and Stacie started talking about hosting a forum for successful women, where they could share their stories, experiences, how they made it up the ladder, no matter what that ladder was. In the mindset of “My dad has a barn, let’s have a show!” the idea of a for women, by women podcast came about. The title “Woman Most Likely To” was marketing guru, Donna Hughes, idea and harks back to the days of our high school yearbook, and how we saw ourselves in our future lives, when the sky was the limit.


Recorded at Podcast Village in Washington, DC, the show was launched. Donna and Stacie are upbeat, enthusiastic co-hosts. The women on their show come from a wide range of industries, interests and share the stories of challenges, obstacles and success. There are lots of laughs and the energy level is off the charts.





Stacie has been in the sales world with some of the big players since starting her career at IBM, then moving onto then tech heavyweight Wang Labs. From tech she moved into professional services firms and had roles of increasing responsibility at Ernst & Young, Reznick Group (now CohnReznick) and PwC. She currently is the President of ProtectorMed.



Donna’s expertise lies in enterprise sales and marketing. She has worked for some of the largest media and communications firms in the United States including, CBS, Fox, Clear Channel, and the Hearst Corporation. Donna has developed advertising and marketing strategies for a variety of clients from small to midsized business owners to Fortune 500 corporations such as Target, Starbucks, Bank of America, Ford, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, American Express, Ryland Homes, Healthy Choice and many more. Donna’s passion for business development is not limited to the media industry. She has worked in Real Estate, HR Outsourcing, Non-Profit and launched a small business.  Donna is currently a Senior Account Manager for OUTFRONT Media in Washington DC.

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